Hello World

As with all new blogs that feature a level of tech talk, Hello World!

I’ve decided to have another go at writing a personal blog, I’ve written a few over the years included topics not limited to: Arsenal, getting started in Web Design and running 500 miles for charity. However they’ve never stuck around due to a mix of server migrations / breakages and a loss of interest in the topic. I’ve decided this time to make it a bit broader and implement a more reliable back-end setup to ensure it sticks around!

So what will this blog be about then if you’re not picking a particular subject? Good question, it’s going to be a mix of all my interests; a bit of work, coding, sport, random side projects, etc. Hopefully it will end up quite diverse but also somewhat interesting to people.

Enough rambling, let’s go down to some serious blogging.

See you in the next post!